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Will the copper floor drain rust?

The most important thing in the decoration of the bathroom and kitchen at home is the water flow problem, so the floor drain is missing in the decoration process, but there are still many types of floor drains on the market, including stainless steel. There are PVC and copper. Maybe you don’t know much about copper floor drains. Next, let’s take a look at the copper floor drains will rust?
The floor drains on the market are mainly divided into three types: stainless steel floor drains, pvc floor drains and all-copper floor drains. Since the floor drain is buried below the ground and requires a good seal, it cannot be replaced frequently, so it is very important to choose an appropriate material. Among them, copper floor drains have begun to occupy an increasing share due to their excellent performance.

Stainless steel floor drains have been popular in the past few years because of their beautiful appearance, but according to relevant professionals, stainless steel is expensive and has a thin coating, so it will not escape the fate of rust in a few years.
The PVC floor drain is cheap and has a good deodorizing effect, but the material is too brittle and easy to age, especially in the north of the winter, the temperature is low, and it will take a long time to replace it, so the market is not optimistic.
At present, the most common copper chrome-plated floor drain on the market has a thick coating, and it is easy to clean even if patina has grown over time. Under normal circumstances, the all-copper floor drain can be used for at least six years.
   In addition to dispersing water freely, deodorization is the most important thing. The floor drains on the market now basically have the function of deodorization. According to the advanced degree of deodorization principles, facilities and methods, the prices cannot help being the same. When purchasing, you should choose a suitable one according to your needs.