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What to do if the floor drain is blocked How to dredge

In the family, the floor drain is a very important type of hardware accessories, but in many cases we are at a loss when the floor drain is blocked. As an important interface between the drainage pipe and the indoor floor, the quality of the floor drain directly affects the interior. The quality of the air, so it is particularly important to keep the floor drain unblocked. What should I do if the floor drain is blocked? This is a question that many friends want to know very much. Now many friends with life experience have summarized some tips. Now let’s introduce what to do if the floor drain is blocked.

1. Silk stockings dredging method

The floor drain is blocked by the silk stocking dredging method. In fact, the reason why the floor drain is blocked has a lot to do with the hair. So cut a small piece with thin stockings (the thinner the better, the thicker it will affect the drainage), as much as possible Stretch it out and fix it on the floor drain. In this way, the hair is gathered on the stockings. Throw away the stockings together with the hair when cleaning, so that the hair will not enter the floor drain. This way can play a very good preventive effect.

2. Soda and vinegar dredging method

The soda and vinegar dredging method is the so-called soda and vinegar, which is a more scientific dredging method. The specific method is to first pour half a cup of cooked soda powder into the drain, and then pour half a cup of vinegar and soda. After reacting with the acid in the vinegar, the oily substances adhering to the pipeline can be removed. In this way, some substances in the first floor can be cleaned up by chemical action, thus playing an effective role of dredging.
3. Log dredging method

The log dredging method, which is the trick of dredging the floor drain, is also commonly used, and the effect is very obvious. First, insert a log with a diameter close to the drain hole into the water pipe, and put a certain amount in the pool. The water pumps the log up and down quickly without interruption. Under the action of suction and pressure, the dirt in the pipeline will be washed away. This method is also very effective and can play a very good role in dredging.