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What should I do if the water in the bathtub is blocked?

1. Because there is a cover at the drain in the bathtub, it can only be dredged from the floor drain. Buy a hand-operated spiral steel wire and push it down from the floor drain until it feels like a foreign body. Then gently shake it upwards Pull out, clogged hair and other dirt will be screwed on the spiral steel wire, just take it out.

2. It is more convenient if there is no cover at the drain in the bathtub. Be careful not to use acids. One is to pollute the environment. Secondly, the pipes that have been used for a long time are easy to be corroded and perforated by acids, which will be more troublesome.
3. Put caustic soda into the mouth of the sewer, and then pour boiling water in.

4. Thick rattan cane can be used. The rattan head is nailed with ten and eight-inch-long iron nails, while extending in while turning and agitating to loosen the debris, then pour in with concentrated alkali solution, and then push and pull out the rattan. Operation Many times, it will be cleared.
5. If it doesn't work, you can only find the property or the person who dredges the sewer to help you.