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What should I do if the washbasin leaks? How to replace the washbasin drain?

The bouncing drain manufacturer tells you what to do if the washbasin leaks? How to replace the wash basin drain?
Drainage pipe refers to the drainage pipe equipment placed in the sewers of bathtubs and washbasins. The main points of classification are light pressure type drainers, rotary type drainers and leaky type drainers. If the sewer is blocked by dirt, it is easy to cause washing. What should I do if the washbasin is blocked, the water is stored, the tap water is blocked, or even has a peculiar smell, the washbasin drainage leaks, and there are cracks?
Generally speaking, first pour an appropriate amount of water into the basin, then open the drain valve, first check whether it is a pipe, whether the water inlet valve is leaking, and then check whether the thread is wrapped properly. If the water still leaks after wrapping, it should be replaced immediately. Inlet valve.
Remove and replace floor drains

1. Take out the water pipe of the basin, and remove the fixing parts and flanges at the bottom of the water pipe;
2. When installing the drainage of the basin, pay attention to take out the countertop of the cabinet, take off the flange of the drain pipe, and surround the flange on the surface of the basin.
3. After tightening the flange, put the basin on the countertop, align the drain port with the entrance and exit of the cabinet countertop, and apply structural glue on the surface of the basin drain port and sewage pipe, paying attention to evenly cater to avoid water leakage.
Basin Drain Removal and Replacement Procedure
1. Filter dryer
Remove the fixing clip and flange at the lower end of the basin drain, then wrap the flange of the basin sewer around the bottom of the basin, and the manufacturer of the bouncing drainer reminds you to tighten the flange, then place the basin on the counter surface, and place one end of the basin sewer. Align the edge of the hole on the counter top where the basin will be placed.
2. Wrap bandages to avoid leakage
Then align the other end of the water pipe under the basin with the hole edge of the sewage treatment water pipe to adjust;
Take out the spare parts of the basin sewer pipe, and use a wrench to tighten the socket of the sewer pipe;
The manufacturer of the bouncing drainer reminds you to pay attention to whether the two sides of the sink drain pipe are evenly adjusted and tightened.
3. Check whether the water basin is leaking. No water leakage means that the disassembly and replacement are successful.