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What should I do if the toilet water button does not pop up when I press it down?

The spring plug of the bathroom basin does not spring back when pressed down, and the solution is as follows:

1. You pour a little soapy water, wait 5 minutes for lubrication, and press the spring with high frequency and low amplitude with shaking.

2. You can use a screwdriver or other hard objects with a relatively small contact surface to knock down at different angles

3. Use a suction cup to suck the stopper of the sink and pull it out.

4. There is a U-shaped tube under the sink. Remove the U-shaped tube and take a stick from below to take it out. Then connect the U-shaped tube to remind you that if there is a bad place, replace it. For the new ones, it is best to wrap them tightly with raw material to prevent water leakage.

5. Boil a pot of boiling water, pour it into a basin, let the spring plug and the surrounding contact surface soak for 5 minutes with heat expansion and contraction, and tap the spring plug several times on the same side with chopsticks.

development trend

1. Water saving

The improvement of our living standards and the improvement of our environmental awareness, in terms of the basins that are commonly used in our daily lives, we require the materials to be environmentally friendly and water-saving. Merchants should also gradually improve in accordance with the development of the trend. The future development of water-saving basins is a major trend.

2. Green

"Green building sanitary ceramics" refers to building sanitary ceramics that have a small load on the earth's environment and are beneficial to human health in the process of raw material collection, product manufacturing, use or recycling, and waste disposal. All building and sanitary ceramic products that have passed the environmental labeling product certification and affixed with the ten-ring green label should be preferred.

3. Decoration

Traditionally, sanitary ceramics use raw material glaze, which is fired at one time. High-end sanitary ceramics have introduced the decoration technology of daily-use porcelain into the production of sanitary ware. The sanitary ware after firing once is gilded, decals, painted and then fired again (color firing), making the product elegant and elegant.