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What should I do if the push-type drain of the bathtub cannot be pressed down?

The push-type drain of the bathtub cannot be pressed down. This happens because the drain is damaged, and the drain needs to be replaced. This problem can be solved. The specific steps are as follows:
1. Locate the push-type drain.
2. Install the protective cover on the drainer in the direction of the arrow in the figure below.
3. Loosen the screws fixing the drain.
4. Take down the drain.
5. Install the new drainer.
6. Tighten the fixing screws after entering the drain.
7. The operation of covering the protective cover of the water dispenser is completed.

The pop-up drain valve is more prone to damage. Unscrew the nut under the bathtub and replace it with one. It is available in all major building materials stores. It is very simple.
Jacuzzi is usually considered as a kind of bathroom equipment. People want to purchase it. Most people go to the decoration and bathroom equipment store. No one sees it in the electrical appliance store.
In fact, the jacuzzi is different from the ordinary bathtub, it is a kind of household appliances, a kind of luxury electrical equipment. The massage bathtub is mainly composed of two parts, the cylinder body and the massage system.
The cylinder part is nothing more than a bathtub of various shapes, and the material is mostly steel or acrylic; while the massage system is composed of a visible nozzle in the tank and a pipe, a motor, and a control box hidden behind the bathtub.
This massage system is the key to buying a jacuzzi, and it is also the part that most people know little about jacuzzi.
Don't choose the expensive one, just buy the right one. When choosing a bathtub, the first thing to consider is the brand and material. This is usually determined by the purchase budget; the second is the size, shape and location of the tap hole. These elements It is determined by the layout and objective size of the bathroom; in the end, you must choose the style and comfort of the bathtub according to your own interests and preferences.