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What kind of material is durable?

Of course, the copper sink drainer is durable. At present, there are many stainless steel, copper, and zinc alloys on the market. But to say that it is more durable is that copper is more durable for a long time. Because in contrast, the main characteristics of copper compared with other metals are high electrical conductivity and high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, suitable strength, easy processing and formability and elegant and solemn color. Therefore, the price of copper products is relatively higher than other materials, and there are many manufacturers of copper processing on the market.

Not only must it be firm, but the seal also needs to be stronger. Generally, everyone will buy a sink with two filter baskets, but the distance between the two sewer pipes is near and far. When installing, employees will perform fiber laser on the sewage pipes of the service facilities according to the details. When cutting, pay attention to the tightness in the middle of each jack, and leakage difficulties can easily occur at the connection.

Installation of coupons to strengthen the pickling tank After the sink is placed on the kitchen countertop, be sure to install the service facility coupons between the pickling tank and the kitchen countertop, and install the sink firmly to prevent the pickling tank from shaking left and right due to small gaps. After the sewage pipeline test is basically completed, the filter basket is also installed, and the next step of the experiment is carried out at the beginning. When doing the sewage pipe test, be sure to fill the water tank, and check the sewage pipe condition of the bottom water of the two filter baskets and the drain pipe of the water hole. When installing sewage pipes, if any leaks are found, they should be repaired immediately to ensure that difficulties will not occur in future use.