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What are the installation methods and advantages and disadvantages of the bounce drain?

Bounce Basin Waste are not an unfamiliar product to many consumers. Many consumers like to choose bouncing drains when decorating, which is inseparable from the characteristics of the product itself. Next, we will introduce to you the installation method and product advantages and disadvantages of the bounce drain in detail:

 The installation method of the bounce drain

1. Clean and remove excess water from the tank. See Sink Sewer Assembly and Push Rod. Use a pair of pliers to secure and loosen the threaded rod onto the locknut, with the drain near the top of the locknut. If the lock nut is loose, it will loosen slightly during assembly and rotation, and residual water will escape. Go back to the top of the sink, unscrew the eject button, remove the front ring and eject from the bottom. Ready to install new injector.

2. Install a new drain flange and clean the old caulk or putty drain holes. Plumber's putty completely surrounds the new flange on top of the bottom of the chrome ring. To be moderate, it is important to cover the bottom. Some parts are rubber pads, and silicone sealant can also be used, but a plumber's putty job is important.

3. Prepare to assemble the bottom, and assemble the rubber gasket at the bottom of the pipe joint putty. This will ensure a good seal on the bottom of the sink. To give the rubber pad a good seal through the bottom of the bottom sink, screw the top flange into the bottom assembly, stick from the top of the sink. Do not be nervous. The important thing is that it is concatenated, not cross-threaded. Use a wrench or pliers to tighten the bottom jam nut assembly. Excess putty between rings will sink the extruded surface and wipe with a clean cloth.

Install the brake and tuck it into the top of the sewer to make sure the hole face sinks in the back. Back to the bottom again. The rest of the plug unit consists of a ball and a rod. Ball nut, threaded pipe. Make sure the unit moves up and down with the push rod.

 Advantages and Disadvantages of Bounce Launchers

The advantage is that cleaning the bouncing drain is very easy. The main reason is that some people are likely to put their hair in water when washing their hair. Prolonged periods will cause drains to clog for a day or two. However, when the drain is clogged, it will be difficult to clean for a long time. The bouncing can effectively filter out the impurity hair on the bouncing drain, preventing impurities from entering the sewer, such as where you wash your hair. The disadvantages of the bounce-type launcher are also obvious, such as short lifespan and easy damage to the bounce device.

The pop-up drain is a decorative material that we often use in decoration, which is convenient to use and easy to clean. Therefore, it is loved by many consumers. At present, basin bouncing water is widely used in family bathrooms. It has two main functions: one is to control the opening and closing of the water outlet; the other is to filter hair and other sundries with the following baskets, filters and other equipment to ensure that the sewer in the room is not blocked. In order to ensure the smooth running of sanitary wares such as washbasins and bathtubs, it is necessary to take out the bouncing water device regularly for cleaning, otherwise it will easily cause the basin to be blocked from bouncing into the water.