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What are the functions of the floor drain

The floor drain is not only the interface connecting the drainage piping system and the indoor ground, it is essential for the control of odors and the interception of flying insects.

If the anti-odor performance of the floor drain is not good enough, the smell of the sewer will pass through the floor drain back to the bathroom, which is the main reason for the peculiar smell in the bathroom.

There are flying insects in the pipeline that we can't see, and the floor drain is helping us to resist. Insect prevention is also an important function of floor drains.
When taking a bath, the biggest headache for everyone is blocking your hair as soon as you wash it. It is very possible that the floor drain you choose is not blocked and cannot block the hair. Let them all flow down the water to the sewer, and they will soon be blocked. Therefore, the bathroom floor drain must be prevented.
Drainage is the basic function of the floor drain, and large displacement and non-clogging are the basic requirements.
Therefore, a good floor drain must have the following three conditions: good deodorizing effect, fast drainage, and easy cleaning.

Types of floor drains

From the point of view of material, most floor drains on the market are copper and chrome plated. This material is corrosion-resistant and affordable. Household floor drains are copper and chrome plated.