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What are the functions of the floor drain

1. In the bathroom or kitchen, in order to drain the water smoothly, a floor drain will be installed, which can prevent clogging. Especially in the bathroom where the bath is taken, a floor drain must be installed. Because the water will flow down when draining, hair or some small debris when bathing will flow down the water into the sewer, which is easy to cause blockage. With a floor drain, it is equivalent to having a filter, which can block the hair out.

2. The floor drain can also have an anti-odor effect because it can effectively prevent the odor from the sewer. Now the floor drains sold on the market have this anti-odor function. One is water seal anti-odor, but it must be in the presence of water. To be able to play a role.

How to choose a floor drain

1. When choosing a floor drain, you need to pay attention to what it is used for. Some are used to drain water while bathing, and some are used to drain the washing machine. If it is the latter, there must be a round hole in the middle to allow the drain pipe to be inserted, and the upper cover can be rotated.

2. The floor drain also has many materials, the best of which is made of all copper, which has a longer lifespan during use, while some are made of stainless steel, which is not prone to rust problems.