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What are the characteristics of the siphon drainage channel?

(1) Introduction of siphon drainage channel:

1. The siphon drainage channel is resistant to the puncture of plant roots. The siphon drainage channel is made of high-density polyethylene, a raw material that does not contain plant affinity substances. Its density is very high. The composite protective drainage profile produced by this material can be constructed A good root puncture resistance layer.

2. It plays the role of flexible protection of the waterproof layer and auxiliary waterproofing. HXC siphon drainage groove + composite protective drainage special-shaped sheet has good compression and tensile resistance. The special bump design can play a good buffering effect and provide the best flexibility for the waterproof layer. Protect and avoid damage to the waterproof layer from the backfill. The composite protective drainage special-shaped sheet is connected by double-sided self-adhesive waterproofing (adhesive tyrant), and the permeated water flows on the composite protective drainage special-shaped sheet. The drainage special-shaped sheet can isolate the permeated water from the waterproof layer and play an auxiliary waterproof role. The siphon drainage groove .

3. Short construction period and low cost.

4. Realize the recycling of rainwater and irrigation water. Design Points of Siphon Drainage Collection System in Siphon Drainage Channel
(2) The main points of the design of siphon drainage trough and siphon drainage collection are as follows:

1 The layout of the siphon drainage collection system is based on the principles of low investment, low operating cost and small area;

2 According to the requirements of the infiltration water volume and irrigation water volume of the underground garage roof, the thickness of the covering soil, the spacing of the special drainage channel, the volume of the reservoir, etc., select suitable specifications of composite protective drainage special-shaped sheets, reservoirs, etc.;

3 Drainage layer materials should meet the relevant regulations of JGJ155 of "Technical Regulations for Planting Roof Engineering". In areas where the annual precipitation is less than the evaporation, the drainage layer should be arranged in combination with the drainage channel, and the HXC siphon drainage channel.