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What are the advantages of using a siphon drainage system?

Through the polymer protective drainage profile, the soil infiltration water continuously flows through the siphon drainage channel. The siphon straight pipe is installed on the siphon drainage groove. The water in the siphon drainage groove is quickly collected to the water outlet under the action of the gap, gravity and air pressure. The diameter of the water outlet changes, and the siphon straight pipe forms a full flow to form a siphon. The water in the siphon drainage trough is continuously sucked into the observation well. It is discharged into the rainwater collection system through the observation well, and recycled when it is necessary to water the green plants on a sunny day. From the passive drainage in the past to the current active drainage, the zero-slope organized drainage is realized.

Advantages of siphon drainage system:
▼Solve the difficulty of finding slope for large-area roof, and realize orderly drainage with zero slope

  ▼The slope layer, protective layer, and isolation layer are eliminated, and the traditional drainage filter layer is replaced.

  ▼The construction is simple, the construction period is shortened by 3/4, and the cost is saved by 1/3-1/2.

  ▼Collect the infiltrated water and use it as watering water for the garden to save water resources.

  ▼It has the function of ventilation and heat insulation.

  ▼Easy to maintain and reduce congestion.

  ▼The pressure of the polymer protective drainage profiled sheet is consistent with the external pressure. Observe the air circulation through the ventilation holes, accelerate the drainage, and create a siphon drainage system.

  ▼Environmental protection, in line with sponge city green energy-saving building standards, with functions such as seepage, retention, storage, purification, use, and drainage.

  ▼Polymer shaped sheet and geotextile form a hollow interlayer in the middle, and the water in the soil penetrates into the hollow interlayer and gathers and drains. The polymer shaped sheet has the functions of protection, drainage, moisture-proof, anti-condensation, heat preservation, ventilation, and anti-freezing.