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Wash Basin Waste Coupling come in different shapes and sizes

Wash basin waste coupling is a kind of plumbing device used to connect the waste pipe of a wash basin to the drain pipe. It prevents leakage from the waste pipe and also helps to avoid blockages in the waste pipe.

Waste couplings come in different shapes and sizes. The diameter of the pipe and the size of the waste coupling should be properly matched. Besides, the coupling should have an excellent seal. If it does not have this feature, then it may not perform its function correctly.

There are four types of waste couplings that are classified on the basis of size, configuration, usage, and material. Among these, the most common type is click clack basin waste, which is also known as push button waste. This type of basin waste comes with a disc-shaped stopper, which requires a push to open.

Another type of basin waste is the slotted type, which is suitable for sinks with overflow. In this type of waste, the overflow water is drained by the sink without leaving a hole in the waste pipe.

One of the more sophisticated types of basin wastes is the flip top basin waste. It features a disc-shaped stopper, which can be easily integrated into modern minimalist bathrooms. Moreover, this type is highly fashionable.