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Tips for choosing a horizontal drain?

Tips for choosing a horizontal drain? I'm sure many people are still unaware of this issue. In fact, the continuous development of the industrial industry has made the product sales of this horizontal drainer continue to grow. In addition to people's demand for the product, the more important thing is its own performance. The following will give you a detailed introduction. Hope it can bring you good help.

When choosing a horizontal drain, we naturally have to master its skills. Only then can you buy the product that suits you. First of all, what you need to know when choosing is that it is divided into bouncing (bouncer nature) and flap launcher (flipper nature); what you need to know is that in fact, this kind of bouncing into the water is divided into large bounces and small bounces according to size. kind.
So you have to understand clearly when you use it in those places. And now the big bounce is generally used on the glass basin, which is mainly because of the particularity of the glass basin. Of course, some small bounces you see are generally used in a wide range, and are suitable for various ceramic basin glass basins. Of course, what we also need to know when buying is that it can be divided into two models with overflow holes and without overflow holes according to the basin model.
So each of these is different before. And the common overflow hole is when there is more and more water in the basin, then in this case, it will have a diversion hole on the upper edge of the basin to flow the water out, so its hole is the overflow hole.