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The technical realization of the bathroom drain

With the improvement of people's living standards and the acceleration of the pace of life, more and more attention has been paid to leisure and entertainment, and bathing has become one of people's lifestyles. For the bathroom drainage after bathing, it is mainly discharged by the bathroom Waste drain, but with the population growth Increase, social and economic development, shortage of water resources, and rising water prices have become an inevitable trend. Therefore, the water after bathing is discharged through the drain pipe to the outside of the main body for recycling and reuse. It can sprinkle water on the courtyard, green water, and clean the road surface. Then, the following Learn about the technical implementation of bathroom drains!
The existing bathroom drainer is screwed into the drainer by hand or electrically drained, the drain hole is located at the bottom of the cylinder block, and the drain port is located outside the cylinder block, which is not good in appearance and inconvenient in operation.

Elements of bathroom drain technology realization:

In view of the above shortcomings, the utility model provides a new type of bathroom drain, which is arranged on the top of the bath tub. When in use, the bathroom drain is turned on, and the pipes are connected through the tooth opening and discharged to the outside of the main body for recycling. That is, if it is an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-operate bus ring drain, in particular the parts consist of a switch, a hub, a filter, an impeller, a motor, the switch and the motor are connected by wires, the impeller is locked on the motor, and the filter is mounted on the hub

The utility model provides a technical scheme of a novel bathroom drainer as follows.

Bathtub shell and drain;

The bottom of the bathtub shell is provided with a cylinder shell drain hole, and the bathroom drain is connected with the cylinder shell drain hole; During the process, the outer wall of the slider is selectively consistent with the inner wall of the drainage chamber or the drainage chamber with a gap.

The bathroom drain basically uses a floor drain, which has a simple structure and can isolate the obvious dirt from the outside to prevent the dirt from flowing into the drainage system. However, the current floor drain has obvious shortcomings. Due to the large water flow, the water will pass through the entire floor drain, Air resistance is created, causing sewage to be too slow or clogged. Usually, only by unplugging the entire floor drain can the water run smoothly, but without floor drain protection, the sewer is easy to block.