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Faucet frauds, multiple "Marco Polo" sanitary wares were investigated

"Marco Polo" faucet failed

Among the 12 batches of unqualified products found this time, 7 batches of faucet products have unsatisfactory corrosion resistance on the surface, involving the nominal trademarks of "Xi Yan", "Ya Jiaqi", "Xiang Pa", "Jin Chi" and "Lake" "LOUS" "Golden Heron Star" and other products.

In terms of toilets, 5 batches of products were found to be unqualified for items such as washing function, toilet water consumption, toilet water efficiency rating, etc., involving the nominal trademarks of "Shisheng Longda SSLOD", "Golden Star" and "Blue Health" "Guojianglong", "Big Red Eagle DHY" and other products.

Among them, the "Marco Polo" faucet products sold by "Beijing Xinya Shengtai Business Center B159 Beijing Dongfangjia Xingshixing Business Center" and labeled as "Guangdong Chaoan County Star Ceramic Manufacturing Factory" were tested for surface resistance The corrosion performance was unqualified, but the nominal manufacturer could not be contacted, and the Marco Polo trademark holder claimed that the product was suspected of being counterfeit.

The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau said that the sellers of unqualified products have been punished in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Product Quality Law", and at the same time urged the city’s sellers to do the delisting of unqualified products of the same manufacturer and the same model. The seller who refuses to perform the delisting will be investigated and dealt with according to law.