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Select and install the dual sink siphon

Don't underestimate the role of siphons in household sewer systems. This important detail does not allow the odor of the sewer to enter the house or apartment and helps to ensure that the drain is unobstructed. Usually, the siphon is a pipe with a sump or elbow. Connect the sink drain pipe to the general sewage treatment system.
If the sink is a double sink, there are two drainage holes, a siphon is also suitable-with two adapters with grilles and an additional pipe to connect them. If the double siphon is connected to different heights on the sump, it can be a multi-stage siphon.

First, let us discuss the materials that can be made into a siphon:
plastic. The most popular option. Low price, durable, convenient, easy to install, and a variety of models and sizes suitable for various sinks are available;
Metal. Galvanized steel, brass, copper. More expensive, so this siphon is not very popular. If you do not intend to hide the location under the sink behind the furniture facade, they are usually installed, so the exquisite metal siphon will become part of the design.
Now consider all existing types of siphons:
bottle. It can be easily identified by the obvious details that really resemble the bottle. There is always water here, forming a water seal, and all objects large enough that fall into the drain of the sink will be deposited. You need to clean the siphon tube regularly. This is very simple-unscrew the lower part of the "collection bottle";
corrugated. Such a siphon is also easily identified by the presence of a flexible bellows, which always has a bend to form a water seal. A common and inexpensive option, the tube can be disassembled and cleaned, but its uneven surface is difficult to remove grease and debris.
With overflow. This siphon has an additional detail-the overflow pipe from the sink to the hose. This device eliminates the risk of water splashing on the floor, but siphons with overflow are more expensive.
Burst with the jet. The main difference between such siphons is that there is a gap between the holes for receiving and discharging water. The hole is small, but it does not allow bacteria in the sewer to enter the sink. This siphon is considered to be professional, expensive, and usually parked in dining establishments.