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Removal and installation of bathroom drains

Nowadays, people are more and more interested in decoration. Whether it is a restaurant kitchen, a service hall, a bedroom or a toilet, we all look forward to the ultimate in decoration. Originally in the decoration of the toilet, it is very important to choose the right bathtub. However, after using the bathtub for a long time, the bathroom drainer has malfunctioned, causing harm to relatives. Then, let's take a look at the disassembly and installation of the bathroom drainer.

Removal and installation of bathroom drains

1. After determining the bathroom drain drain pipe. According to the purchase of bathroom drains and bathtub drains for general-purpose, rotary, jumping, drainage pipes, direct discharge, lateral extension and road drainage pipes, choose the appropriate bathroom drains. When installing, the water outlet using the straight drainage method should match the position of the underground drainage outlet of the toilet. When the location is not suitable, choose the horizontal drainage pipe to connect with corrugated drainage pipe or PVC pipe to prevent clogging. Not too long, not too curved, and not tied together. Please do it well, so as not to leak water in the contact area.

2. Make sure before installing the bathroom drain: confirm whether there is a 90mm indoor space under the bathtub outlet, put the drain (rotary) between the bathtub overflow and the water outlet, and determine the length of the drain pipe to see if the size and model are suitable. If it is not about 90mm, please pay attention to whether the quick-plug connector of the drain pipe can be placed. When the space is insufficient, please place a protective device under the bathtub to ensure sufficient indoor space, and ensure that the drainage pipe under the bathtub is fully connected to the indoor space through piping.

3. Common problems in the use of bathroom drains Do not put organic solvents or drugs in the bathtub drainer. Do not step on it when the drain cover is raised slowly ((when it is opened)). Otherwise, common failures and accidents will result. Please do not allow the dirt to seep out of the water and into the drain pipe. When there is hair, dirt and other contaminants on the drain pipe that infiltrate and cause water accumulation, please lift the sealing cover, remove it with a soft brush, etc., and then wipe the water with a cloth. The leak-proof cap may fly out when the drain knob switch is turned frequently or with explosive force. Do not cause significant shock to the drain. Do not bump hard objects such as cosmetic bottles against the drain. When applying, please rotate up and down with an even width, do not rotate vigorously. Otherwise the bathroom drain won't turn on.

That is to say, this is the problem of dismantling and replacing the bathroom drain which is introduced in detail to you. First of all, I will introduce to you in detail how to disassemble and replace the bathtub drain. Before you disassemble and replace, you must determine the method of the drainage pipe of your bathtub, and then you can replace it after you understand the method of the drainage pipe. Another is a common problem in bathtub drain applications. We must not introduce drugs and organic solvents in the whole process of decomposition and exchange.