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Pop up waste is a common bathroom fitting

It can be found in all varieties. Most kitchen and bath sinks feature a waste hole ranging in size from 40mm to 32mm. However, it is possible to find waste holes with diameters of 46mm or even more.

One of the better-known features of a pop up waste is the overflow. It is a little hole at the side of the basin, which lets water drain out when the basin is overfilled. This is particularly useful in family bathrooms, where it helps to avoid water damage.

It's also worth noting that the pop up waste is also used in other sanitary appliances, such as baths and showers. There are a few ways to install a new waste, and you may want to consult a qualified plumber for advice.

Another option is to go for a click clack type of waste. These plug and chain style fittings have been around for centuries, but they're making a comeback in deluxe modern bathrooms.