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Key points of choosing bathroom drainer

Families living in the building generally have bathrooms, but because the bathroom decoration now uses different brands of materials, the parts required for installation are also different. There are usually drainers in the bathroom, which are replaced when they are broken. What are the replacement methods of bathroom drainers? What are the key points of choosing bathroom drainer? Then, let's learn about it together!
 Selection and replacement of bathroom drainer
1. First of all, according to the site and when purchasing the bathroom drainer, the bathroom drainer is selected to be ordinary, rotating, and bouncing. The drainage direction is straight, horizontal, and the floor drainage position. When installing, the product should adopt the direct drainage method to align the drainage outlet with the underground drainage outlet of the toilet. When it is not aligned, the horizontal drainage should be connected with corrugated drainage pipes or PVC rigid pipes to avoid blocking, and try not to lengthen and bend too much, Do not tie them together to avoid tight leakage at the connection.

2. Confirm whether there is 80mm space below the drain of the bathtub, try to put the bathroom drain (rotary) between the overflow and drain of the bathtub, confirm the length of the drain pipe, and confirm whether it meets the specification. If it is not more than 80mm, please pay attention to whether the drainage pipe joint can be set. When the space is insufficient, please place cushion blocks under the bathtub to ensure sufficient space, and ensure sufficient space for the connection of drainage pipes under the bathtub.
 Key points of bathroom drainer selection
1. The bouncing bathroom drainer is a relatively traditional thing. It has only a single drainage function, and it is also a pedal type drainage. When used, it can achieve the drainage function at the pedal drainage port. The mobile bathroom drainer is an aquatic product with rotating mechanical function, which can be divided into ordinary water removal and massage tank water removal.
2. From the material point of view, bathroom accessories include copper plated products, mostly chromium plated products, of which titanium alloy products are better, followed by copper chromium products, stainless steel chromium products, magnesium aluminum alloy chromium products, and iron chromium products.
3. From the perspective of coating, in chromium plated products, the coating thickness of ordinary products is 20 microns. After a period of time, the material inside is easy to be oxidized by air, while the copper chromium plating layer, which pays attention to finishing, is 28 microns thick. Its structure is compact, the coating is uniform, and the use effect is good.
4. It comes with a multifunctional bathtub product with water inlet, overflow and drainage. This product adds a bathtub water supply nozzle to the function of the traditional bathroom drainer, adds surfing massage, saves bathtub space, and is a practical launching part.