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Key Points for Purchasing Bathroom Drains

Key Points for Purchasing Bathroom Drains and Replacement Methods
1. First of all, according to the scene and when purchasing the bathroom drainer, choose the bathroom drainer is ordinary type, rotary type, bouncing type, and the drainage direction is straight row, horizontal row, and floor drainage position to choose a suitable bathroom drainer. When installing, the product It is advisable to use the straight drainage method to align the drain outlet with the underground drain outlet of the toilet. When it is not aligned, connect it with a corrugated drain pipe or PVC hard pipe for horizontal drainage to avoid blockage. Connections are leak tight.

2. Check whether there is an 80mm space below the bathtub drain, try to put the bathroom drain (rotary) between the bathtub overflow and the drain, check the length of the drain pipe, and confirm whether it meets the specifications. If it is not more than 80mm, please pay attention to whether the drain pipe joint can be installed. If there is not enough space, please place a spacer under the bathtub to secure enough space, and secure enough space for the drain pipe to connect under the bathtub.
Key points for bathroom drain selection
1. The bouncing bathroom drain is a relatively traditional thing. It only has a single drainage function, and it is also a pedal type drainage. Products can be subdivided into general water removal and water removal for jacuzzi.
2. From the perspective of materials, bathroom accessories include copper electroplating products, mostly chrome-plated products, among which titanium alloy products are better, followed by copper-chromium products, stainless steel chrome products, magnesium-aluminum alloy-plated chrome products, and iron-based chrome products.
3. From the point of view of the plating layer, among chrome-plated products, the thickness of the plating layer of ordinary products is 20 microns. Tight, uniform coating, good use effect.
4. It is a multifunctional bathtub product with water inlet, overflow and drainage. This product adds a bathtub water supply nozzle to the function of the traditional bathroom drainer, adds surfing massage, saves the space of the bathtub, and is a practical drainage component.