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Installation instructions for very core deodorant floor drain

1. The installation height of the very core four-proof straight-through closed deodorant floor drain is ≥8cm (from the ground to the corner of the drainage pipe).
2. Please take out the sealing core before installation to prevent the sundries from falling in and affecting the use effect.
3. If the drain pipe is too close to the ground, the drain pipe should be cut short so that the panel after the floor drain is installed slightly lower than the ground (note: do not damage the ground waterproof layer).

4. Put the floor drain into the cut tile hole, fill and smooth the gap between the floor drain panel and the tiles with white cement, finally install the sealing core, and cover the grate (Note: 1. Do not seal the cement mortar Encapsulate the core or hold the gasket against it, which will cause the core cannot be removed or the gasket cannot be opened; 2. Wait until the cement is completely dry before using the floor drain).
5. If it is a washing machine type floor drain, insert the drain pipe sleeve on the fixed pin on the upper part of the sealing core (it can also drain the ground water).
6. According to the usage, it is generally cleaned once every 20 days. When cleaning, remove the sealing core from the floor drain body counterclockwise, and rinse it vigorously in clean water a few times.