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Three items to pay attention to in the purchase of launching appliances?

The bouncing drain looks very nice, but after using it for a period of time, you need to screw down the drain and scrub the dirt on it with detergent, so as to ensure a smooth and popular sewer; There is a drawback to such a drain. It is difficult to find a special drain for this kind of ceramic basin. It is usually a glass basin drain. The ceramic drain is a pipe with a drain under it.
Note 1 for the purchase of basin drainer: types of basin drainer
There are several types of sewage in the wash basin. In the past, it was a pull-up type, and later it was a flip-flop type and a bounce type. Generally speaking, these sewage have been used for a long time. If they are not cleaned in time, the mechanical properties are not very easy to use due to the accumulation and adhesion of dirt. The old-fashioned pull-up sewer is not commonly used now. Now, the type that can take out the whole inner core and put it back after cleaning should be selected for the nozzle to facilitate cleaning.

Note 2 for the purchase of basin downcomer: precautions for the purchase of drainage pipe
The drainage pipe of the washbasin is a metal down pipe with a section of threaded pipe in the middle, which can be installed easily by bending and inserting; Still don't buy threaded pipes, which are easy to hide dirty things; At present, there is a ready-made Plastic Sewer with a water return bend on the market. Although it is cheap, it is of poor quality and easy to leak. In addition, if there are rats at home, the sewer pipe will be bitten by rats, which is very annoying.
Note 3 for the purchase of washbasin downcomer: common washbasin downcomer
A common downcomer under the washbasin is a 32 pipe combination with an odor proof square box. This kind of downcomer is not only of good quality, but also easy to adjust the distance and height. It is very easy to install, especially the open and concealed installation. The price is a little more expensive, but it is very convenient to use.