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How to modify the floor drain?

How to modify the floor drain?

1. Install floor drain:

There are two ways to add a floor drain in a place where there is no floor drain: one is to raise the floor and place the water pipe, which affects the drainage; the other is to pierce the floor and re-lay the water pipe. This method is more troublesome, and you have to go downstairs for construction.

2. Refit the floor drain with the downpipe:

It is useful to change the drain of the bathtub or the sink into a floor drain for shower. The main problem is that such drains are generally 40 pipes, and there are now small-caliber floor drains on the market.

3. Modified thin floor drain:

Install a thin floor drain (water seal 1~2CM), the drainage is no problem, but the height of the water seal is not enough, the water will easily evaporate, and the odor will return, so it is necessary to fill the floor drain frequently or cover it with a damp cloth to prevent water evaporation. The solution is very easy, just replace the built-in floor drain core, but try, some can not be inserted.
4. Modified old-fashioned floor drain:

Many old-fashioned floor drains in many homes are now ineffective. If you want to replace the floor drain, it is very troublesome. There are many pipe diameter specifications without water seal. It can be directly inserted into the floor drain to play a sealing role. Look at the floor drain demonstration and open the floor drain , Insert the floor drain core.

The biggest advantage of using this floor drain core is that you don’t need to re-install the floor drain in your old house. You can just buy a core and insert it. In case the floor drain core is not suitable, just take out the floor drain core, which is only ten dollars. For the matter, choose the right one to adapt to various pipe diameters.

Again, the water sealing core can only be installed in the floor drain in the drain pipe of 50, and the waterless sealing core can also be installed in the pipe of 40, which is the sink of the sink. I have exchanged two floor drain cores on several floor drains. Only the waterless sealing core can adapt to various floor drains, and some other cores cannot be inserted tightly.