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How to install the basin drain kit?

Many owners who have been renovating for many years have an experience, and after the washbasin is used for a long time, dirt is prone to adhere to the washbasin water set, so at this time, its water accumulation cannot go down. In fact, it is very important to choose a good basin drainage set, and the following editor will introduce its installation for you.

Basin drainage sets are also common products in our lives. Of course, it plays a very important role in using it. But how it is installed is equally important. For example, when installing the basin drainage set, first take out the drain, and remove the fasteners and flanges under the drain.

After this is done, pick up the basin, take out the flange of the drainer and fasten it on the basin, and then put the basin flat on the countertop after tightening it, and the drain outlet is aligned with the mouth of the countertop. After these are done, you can wrap the raw material tape in the appropriate position of the drain, and if done, it can prevent water seepage.

What we are talking about here is also about some installation methods of the basin drainage set. Of course, there is one more important thing, that is, then use a wrench to fasten the drain, and put water in the basin to test. After all these are completed, then you can put the drainer at the drain hole of the basin, put it flat, take out the retainer of the drainer, and screw it on the drainer.