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Floor drain-Q&A about cleaning the mouth

What is the difference between a cleaning port and a floor drain?
Answer: The cleaning port is installed on the drainage horizontal pipe. It is used to clean the pipe fittings of the drainage pipe. It is usually installed at the end of the horizontal pipe, which is equivalent to a plug; the floor drain is the interface between the drainage pipe system and the indoor floor and serves as the drainage system in the house. Its performance directly affects the quality of indoor air, and it is very important for floor drainage and odor control in kitchens and bathrooms. In general, when the length of the horizontal pipe is not more than 20M, the floor drain at the end of the indoor drainage pipe can replace the cleaning opening, and the cleaning opening should be installed in the middle of the horizontal pipe greater than 20M!

Where is the best place to install the cleaning port? What question do we have to pay attention to?
1. The bottom layer of the riser should be equipped with an inspection port, and the center of the inspection port is 1m away from the ground;
2. In areas where the average temperature in winter is lower than -10℃, the riser should also have an inspection port at the highest level;
3. At the turning point of the floor, the stand-off shall be provided with an inspection or cleaning opening;
4. In the cross-branch pipe where the water flow angle is less than 135 degrees, there should be an inspection port or a cleaning port;
5. Connect four or more urinals, and sweep the mouth on the sewage horizontal pipe;
6. When the straight line distance of the horizontal pipe is too long, an inspection port or a cleaning port should be provided.