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Floor drain installation method and matters needing attention

The bathroom is a place for people to take a bath and bath. Because it needs to be exposed to water frequently, it is necessary to install a floor drain on the floor of the space. What is the installation method of the bathroom floor drain?

First of all, the floor drain should be equipped in advance according to the diameter of the sewer pipe. This requires us to know the diameter of the drain pipe before buying, that is to say, the selected floor drain drain diameter must match the diameter of the pvc pipe. However, at present, they are all 50 PVC pipes, and the reserved holes for drainage are generally relatively large when the house is handed over. Because the decoration needs to be repaired, the drainage port needs to be made according to the size of the floor drain, and then the floor drain is purchased.
Secondly, when installing the floor drain, it should be installed as low as possible to facilitate the discharge of water. Similarly, the location of the floor drain should be determined first, and then the floor tiles should have a certain slope toward the floor drain. The best way to install the floor drain is to lay a brick at the location of the floor drain, and then install the floor drain in the middle of a brick, opening the diagonal line.
Then, the last step of the bathroom floor drain installation method is to connect the floor drain to the drain. Generally, the drain port of the floor drain can be inserted into the drain pipe. Since the floor drain needs to be equipped with a water seal core, it cannot be made too thin, but if one more circle is to be added inside, then the water seal core must be made a little thinner. After the installation is complete, a comprehensive inspection is required. It is recommended to try shaking back and forth. If it is stable, the installation is successful.