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Decide whether to choose a ground row or a wall row?

For toilet drainage, does your family decide to choose floor or wall row?

The drainage of the toilet is related to the overall appearance, drainage speed, and ease of use. The choice of drainage method must be entangled by the owner in the decoration. Today, let's talk about the wall row and the floor row.

Ground row
Whether it is a washbasin or a toilet, the floor drain is a drainage pipe directly connected to the sewer drain.
Floor toilet
The drainage is smoother.
If it is blocked, maintenance is more convenient
Relative to the wall row construction difficulty is lower.
1. Exposed piping in the basin area is not very attractive.
2. The pipeline occupies the storage cabinet area and the storage capacity decreases.
3. There are dead spots in the toilet area, and cleaning is troublesome.
Improved appearance
Since the bare pipe is not good-looking, we can consider covering it.
Wrap the pipe
Directly wrap the pipes with the same sheet of the bathroom cabinet to effectively hide the ugliness
One-piece floor-standing basin
Directly hide the pipe in the basin column, and the value of the face rises straight! However, the storage capacity of the cabinet has declined.
Integrated washbasin cabinet
To hide the pipes, not only start with the basin, consider the basin cabinet. Choose an all-in-one floor basin cabinet, who knows where your plumbing is.
Wall row
The drain pipe is connected to the wall sewage pipe for drainage.
Wall toilet
1. Save floor space and have a higher overall appearance
2. Wall row basins can save more storage space
3. The wall-mounted toilet saves water tank space and has no sanitary corners.
Relatively speaking, no ground drainage is fast
Many of the wall rows were modified on the ground, which increased the difficulty of construction and increased prices

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