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Choosing a Wash Basin Waste Coupling

Choosing the right wash basin waste coupling for your bathroom can be an important decision. These devices connect your sink's waste pipe to the drain pipe, helping prevent leaks and keeping your water in the basin. There are several types of basin wastes available, and you should choose the one that best meets your needs and preferences.

The most common type of basin waste is click-clack waste, also known as sprung plug waste. It is a useful and stylish alternative to the traditional plug and chain waste. Depending on the design, click-clack waste opens and closes using a push button on the top. It is usually easier to clean than the other two types.

Another type of basin waste is the flip-top type, which opens and closes with a disc-shaped stopper. This waste type is ideal for a modern, minimalist bathroom. However, it is not as easy to clean as the other two.

The lower end of a basin waste fitting has a thread and a nut that allows you to lock it in place. The lower end of the coupling also serves as a connection point for the waste trap.

The upper end of the waste fitting has a protruding stub that fits into the outside of the basin. Most simple basin waste fittings are tacked on with a decorative bead chain.

The waste fittings are usually made of chrome plated brass bodies. They are available in different sizes, and their prices vary based on the quality of the material.