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Can the floor drain be installed after it is pasted?

When many friends’ homes were renovating, they found that the floor drain was not installed until the floor tiles were attached. Then I would like to ask the professional decorator, the floor tiles are all pasted, can the floor drain be installed? This is your answer.

I. Can a floor drain be installed after the floor tiles are pasted?

After the floor tiles are pasted, the floor drain can be installed, but first determine the location of the floor drain, take out the floor tiles at that location, and then open a hole to install the floor drain. Fill the floor drain with waterproof mortar and make the ground level. Here the waterproof layer is repaired with the original ground waterproof layer, and then cut and paste the special cover with the same design and color as the original floor drain. The floor drain should reserve a water gradient for easy drainage. How to install the floor drain correctly?

1. Before installing the floor drain, be prepared to check whether the floor drain is brand new, damaged, and whether the accessories are complete; then internally inspect the drain pipe to check whether there is dirt on the pipe mouth and whether there is gravel soil in the pipe. If you need to clean up in time, wrap the drain pipe with a rag to prevent debris from falling into the drain pipe. If the drain pipe is too close to the ground, the drain pipe should be cut short so that the floor drain backboard is slightly lower than the ground.

2. Since the floor drain installation is carried out at the same time as the floor tiles, after the floor tiles are laid, the floor drain can be installed. In fact, it is not difficult to install a floor drain. Before installation, select a floor drain of appropriate size, smear cement on the back of the floor drain, align it with the water outlet, and then cover the floor drain panel.

3. In the ground construction, it is necessary to reserve the location of the floor drain waiting to be installed in advance, and ensure that the location of the floor drain is lower than the height of the surrounding floor tiles. This is commonly known as water slope treatment. The floor drain can be placed on the installation pipe, and then measured to determine the cutting size of the tiles. Cut the tiles, fix the floor drain, and lay tile cuts around the floor drain to form a water slope.

4. After installation, it needs to be fixed with a special adhesive and bonded with the floor tiles. Only in this way can it have a longer service life and ensure that the smell of the sewer cannot be discharged through the gap. Afterwards, check the installation and acceptance of the floor drain, and check whether there are sundries in the water pipe, so as not to affect the normal use of the floor drain.