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Can I use glass glue for the basin drain set?

When we finish using the basin, the water will flow from the basin water suit to the sewer pipe. At this time, I also know that it is easy to be damaged after being used for a long time and needs to be replaced in time. Then, glass can be used for replacement. glue?

We are also very familiar with the basin drainage set. We have also introduced some relevant information about it in detail. Today, let's talk about the actual knowledge points. For example, the basin drainage set does not need to use glass glue during installation, as long as its rubber ring is installed in the correct position and not installed backwards, so if this method is used, it is generally not necessary. prone to leaks. In addition to this problem, there are other problems.

For example, if the basin water set equipped with the basin is not an original accessory, then we also recommend that you use glass glue to seal the interface position at this time, so as to effectively prevent the basin from leaking. It is suggested that when replacing it, you first need to unplug the drain hose below it, and then unscrew the stainless steel jar. At this time, you can see the position where the glass glue is applied. In fact, the method is also very simple. Of course, if you want to remove the glass glue, you can smear some banana water on the glass glue. If you use banana water at this time, the glass glue will soften and be removed more easily.