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Bathroom sinks and sinks-important considerations for making the perfect choice

By considering the people who use the washbasin every day, your choice of washbasin and accessories becomes simple. Decide whether multiple people will visit a basin at the same time. Do you do other activities, such as shaving and washing your hair? This will affect the height of the basin and the location of the accessories.

Do two people want to wash in the bathroom at the same time? Do you have enough space for double sinks and enough elbow space for two people?
Do you need space under the washbasin to store items? Will a wall-mounted washbasin help free up this floor area?
Are you smaller than average height? Would it be more comfortable to install a wall-mounted wash basin at a height that suits you? If so, have you checked whether the selected wall basin can be fitted with a siphon cover to hide the pipe work or recess the supply pipe into the wall?
Do you have young children who tend to fill basins with water or splash water on the floor? Would an inwardly inclined basin be a good idea?
Do you want to wash your hair in the washbasin? If so, can you turn the spout to the side so that your head can rest comfortably on the basin?
For basins or sinks, there are different materials. Which one should you choose? Despite the increasing use of metal and glass designs, ceramic basins are still the most popular choice. Marble, granite, wood and mineral resin mixtures can be customized according to specific requirements, but they are expensive.

In addition, the basin placed in the counter or washstand must be completely sealed, and the edge of the basin must be sealed to prevent water and moisture from penetrating the surrounding equipment, which is meaningless. A deeper inward slope rather than a shallower sink will help protect the work surface area from splashes of water.

What about bathroom sinks of different types and designs? A popular choice is a wall-mounted wash basin. These space-saving basins only need to be fixed on a solid wall or column, and can bear the weight of the basin when the basin is full of water. The waste outlet is hidden in a simple siphon cap or cylindrical bottle collector. The free space under the wash basin makes the bathroom feel larger and can store bathroom scales or stools. You can also make the bathroom more attractive by installing glass bathroom sinks.

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