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Bathroom floor drain installation precautions

Floor drains are especially used in bathrooms. A floor drain is needed next to the washing machine placed in the bathroom. Floor drains are needed around showers or bathtubs. They control the smell in the bathroom. If the floor drains are good, the air quality will be better. Next, the editor will introduce the precautions for installing the bathroom floor drain.
Bathroom floor drain installation

1. The floor drain should be equipped in advance according to the diameter of the sewer pipe

Before you buy a floor drain, you must know the diameter of the drain pipe. Nowadays, it is usually 50 PVC pipes, and the cast iron pipes are larger. The diameter of the selected floor drain should match the diameter of the PVC pipe. Generally, the reserved holes for drainage are relatively large when the house is handed over. It needs to be repaired during the decoration. The drain should be made according to the size of the floor drain. Do not trim the drain first, and then choose Purchase a floor drain.

2. Where to install the floor drain

When installing the floor drain, it should be installed as low as possible. The location of the floor drain should be determined first. The floor tiles should be sloped toward the floor drain. It is best to lay the tiles at the floor drain position. The floor drain should be installed in the middle of a brick, and the diagonal line should be opened. So, it’s best to drain water this way. If the floor drain happens to be between two bricks, just install it like this.

3. The connection between the floor drain and the drain

Generally, the drain port of the floor drain can be inserted into the drain pipe. Look at the appearance of the four-proof floor drain inserted into the drain pipe. Since this floor drain needs to be equipped with a water seal core, it cannot be made too thin. If you add another circle inside, the water seal core must be made a little thinner, so it is made like this, with only a small circle stuck on the drain pipe. Does not affect the installation.