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About the installation and use of the bathtub drainer!

How to install the bathtub drainer and what should be paid attention to in use?

The installation of the bathtub drainer needs to choose the shape of the drainer according to the drainage method on site. Before installation, confirm the diameter of the drain and waste drain, and do not pour foreign objects, solvents, etc. into the drain during use.
1. Confirm the drainage method
According to the drainage method of the bathtub on site or at the time of purchase, first choose whether the bathtub drainer is ordinary type, rotary type, bounce type, and the drainage direction is straight row, horizontal row and ground drainage position. Choose a suitable bathtub drainer. When installing the product, it is best to use the straight drainage method to align the drainage outlet with the underground drainage outlet of the bathroom. If it cannot be aligned, it should be connected with a corrugated drainage pipe or PVC hard pipe for horizontal drainage to avoid blocking. The connection should be tight and there should be no leakage.

2. Confirmation before installation
Check whether there is a space of 80mm under the drain outlet of the bathtub, and test the drain (rotary type) between the overflow port and the drain outlet of the bathtub, and confirm the length of the drain pipe to see if the size is suitable. If it is not more than 80mm, please pay attention to whether the drain pipe joint can be placed. If the space is insufficient, place a spacer under the bathtub to ensure sufficient space. In addition, ensure that the drain pipe has enough piping connection space under the bathtub.
3. Precautions for use
Do not pour the solvent into the bathtub drain, if the drain cover is raised (open state), do not step on it, otherwise it may cause malfunction or accident. Do not allow foreign matter to get into the overflow and drain. If there is foreign matter mixed in the drain, such as hair, dirt, etc., please pull up the sealing water cap to remove it with a brush, etc., and then dry it with a cloth. If the rotary switch of the drain is turned frequently or violently, it may cause the water sealing cover to pop out. Do not subject the drain to strong shocks. Do not hit hard objects such as cosmetic bottles against the drain. When using it, please turn it to the left and right with even force, and do not use violent rotation. Otherwise, the drain will not open.