The Internet Age How Economic Sink Drain Sanitary Enterprises Break Through The Development Bottleneck

- Apr 06, 2018 -

With the further deepening of consumption upgrade in 2017, the “new retail” model that is integrated with online and offline has become the future development trend, and its requirement is an accurate, scene-based experience-based service. The required e-commerce platforms and physical retail enterprises cooperate with each other to timely understand the consumer needs of consumers through big data.This for the economic sink drain sanitary ware industry, in fact, in many aspects there is still a lot of room for improvement; while the strong rise of e-commerce, but also to the development of economic sink drain sanitary companies have brought more challenges. In the Internet era, if economic sink drain sanitary companies want to break through the development bottleneck, how should they seize this opportunity?

Economic sink drain sanitary industry e-commerce marketing status

For most consumers, e-commerce is more of a fashion. Browsing through the various products in the online store, “painting cakes to satisfy hunger” is to satisfy their desire for consumption, but not many people are completely relieved to purchase large items such as economic sink drain sanitary ware online. Unable to experience in-depth experience is the main reason for the economic sink drain bathroom quotient quotient tepid. On the other hand, the cohabitation of the e-commerce market and the imperfections of the market rules cast a shadow on the development of economic sink drain sanitary ware companies. At the same time, consumers will shift their focus to other places. The quality of baths needless to say, it is the basic requirement for online shopping, and the demand for a higher level is the after-sales service provided by e-commerce.

Since the economic sink drain sanitary ware company operated the e-commerce business, the problem of returning and replacing goods has been criticized by consumers and has also become a stumbling block to the e-commerce business. In the current differentiation of bathroom products is not yet clear, the consumer's consideration of economic sink drain sanitary electronics will be based on services more. Therefore, the most important thing for economic sink drain sanitary electronics providers is to overcome this difficult service.

In addition, there is a deeper reason why most of the economic sink drain sanitary ware companies' e-commerce roads cannot be pushed forward, that is, there is a contradiction between the e-commerce companies that they want to carry out and the distributors in the traditional channels. Industry insiders believe that physical stores and e-commerce are very different, and the traditional channels and e-commerce have inconsistencies in reality. E-commerce directly impacts traditional channels and directly harms the interests of distributors and agents.

Economic sink drain sanitary industry development direction

First, the product is "rejuvenated". A considerable number of brands usually choose products that are more youthful and have higher cost performance when they promote online products. This is based on the consumer groups formed by large shopping malls. The consumers who buy bath products on shopping websites are mostly young and middle-aged. They have a more youthful aesthetic and focus on cost-effectiveness.

Second, with the Internet home improvement cooperation highlights the value of more and more companies began to enter the overall home industry, as a brand new format portfolio, there are many companies gradually familiar from the strange. There are also many consumers who are beginning to become familiar with and accept this business model. In such a market, the overall bathroom will move toward a fast lane.

Third, energy conservation and environmental protection will always be the constant theme of the economic sink drain sanitary ware industry. With the improvement of people's life and death levels, more people began to pay attention to health, and energy conservation and environmental protection gradually became an important selling point for the entire industry. In addition to the fashionable changes in the design style, many brands of bathroom hardware accessories pay more attention to the applicability of energy saving and environmental protection products.

O2O model has become a trend

Essentially, e-commerce is still a matter of buying and selling. It is just a form of network that can quickly gather a large number of potential consumers. E-commerce is essentially the same as traditional channels. The biggest conflict with agents that e-commerce can trigger is protection of the price system. If we can achieve the complementary advantages and equalization of the benefits of the two channels, economic sink drain sanitary companies can open up new horizons. Insiders pointed out: "The economic sink drain sanitary characteristics of economic sink drain sanitary wares determine that sanitary ware sales need to be developed both online and offline, online to solve open, fair, and just consumption demands. At the same time, strong offline resources are needed as support, including design, display, and logistics. ”

The rapid development of the Internet, for economic sink drain sanitary companies, is not to choose whether to e-commerce, or how to choose e-commerce, in order to ensure the growth of online benefits, while not affecting the physical store sales and brand promotion. It is undeniable that the combination of sanitary wares electricity providers and physical stores is an inevitable trend. This is also Ma Yun's new retail era. The full integration of online and offline in the future will become an important trend in the development of the sanitary ware industry.

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