Sanitary Industry Into The Era Of Little Profit To Be Self-subversion

- Jan 30, 2018 -

In general, the bathroom is located in a large industry, "dwelling" small businesses. Home building materials output value of nearly 4 trillion, kitchen industry accounted for about 250 billion, the largest industry output of the kitchen and toilet industry only a few dozen billion. Therefore, the sanitary industry image that can be called a large industry small business.

Home appliance industry output value of about 300 billion, Gree market share will reach 30% to 40% of a total of 100 billion. Why is the big industry, small businesses, think of a keyword "distance." How far and how close is the distance between the brand and the consumer? Kitchen and bathroom industry always seems to be separated from consumers with a layer of membrane, always with consumers a long distance.

Kitchen and toilet industry and the distance between consumers, embodied in that consumers do not feel the company or feel the power of the brand, home building materials industry compared with the appliance industry is still eight to ten years behind.

Speaking of distance involves service precipitation, including the standardization of sanitary ware industry, 5-8 years of products, if not do, it is very difficult to repair, because the valve heart, seals are not standard, can not find a broken point after service , Can only throw away. Western countries, valves or other parts of the product standardization, ready to buy, replacement is very easy.

The domestic situation is that the product is broken, can only be thrown away to buy new, because there is no part, this is the biggest waste. Therefore, speaking of services, including convenience and peace of mind, out of problems can quickly enjoy maintenance and other services.

Bathroom space can be a space to enjoy, many people do not want to come out into the bathroom, which is very enjoyable, with music, TV, WIFI, and even smart toilet with Bluetooth interaction. Bathroom space is very enjoyable, of course, these are the requirements of the industry services, really good service, you also need to do a lot of meticulous work in the industry, and effectively take into account the feelings of consumers, consumers demand.

This year 10 million, 20 million next year, the latter 50 million, emphasizing sales every day, this is a mistake, impetuous quick success. The real approach should be, manufacturers and distributors to jointly service. Manufacturers under the indicators, engage in a 400 visit, return to Hangzhou done well, satisfaction is good, send bonuses; return visit to Beijing, doing a good job to reward, do not do well must be punished. Customer satisfaction as KPI indicators, including factory salesman, they will only ship. Including the same business, business performance is the system of all the performance, to be calculated according to customer satisfaction bonuses. In this case, from the plant to the business philosophy, we can do a good job.

As a retailer, in the era of e-commerce to deal with brands and e-commerce, in the development of service strategy, there is only one, that is, subversion, the face of transformation and challenge self-subversion.

The Internet has turned regional competition into a national competition. Previously, it was possible to compete in the regions of Hangzhou, Beijing and Dongguan, possibly in Dongguan. Now that the Internet is available, it must face competition across the country. Informatization makes the price more transparent and open. The future bathroom industry will enter the era of micro-profits, the previous 40%, 50% of the gross profit will not exist, will soon enter a rational, 20% of the Maori era, the net profit will be 1%, 2%, up to 3% Like a blade to look hard, who's management and costs can be well controlled. Manufacturers and businesses how to interact, change roles, not by selling goods to sell money, but through the sale of services to make money.

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