New Trend Of Bathroom: Smart, Minimalist, Multi-material, User-friendly

- Jan 26, 2018 -

With the development and upgrading of the product quality and service system in the smart bathroom industry, it is foreseeable that the domestic smart bathroom will bring a new round of growth in terms of quality, after sales and brand influence. So, what products are worth our attention?

"Intelligent" Under the intelligent tide, still need more patience

The report pointed out that in 2016 the overall size of China's smart home market is expected to reach 381.3 billion yuan in 2018 will reach 600 billion yuan, the next three years the market compound annual growth rate of 25.9%. The smart bathroom as an important part of smart home in recent years has been the focus of major manufacturers, around the "smart" as the core of the arms race is quietly started.

With the improvement of living standards, consumers also need to solve many functional requirements such as water saving, energy conservation, environmental protection, comfort, health care, anti-aging and induction intelligence, besides how to use basic functional requirements for sanitary wares. Combined with the application of the whole bathroom space, thereby enhancing the comprehensive application of sanitary products value. At this stage, smart bathroom products are no longer the blind pursuit of the so-called high-tech, consumer demand to meet the real consumer, the smart technology to the toilet, bath and other bathroom products.

Overall, however, the major brands have not broken the circle of their own enterprises, although a considerable number of brands at the show to promote the overall bathroom space with the program, but this is not realistic for discerning consumers, the industry has specialized, no Which companies will be all-enviorment sanitary industry, but also forcing consumers to use only one brand of products. Industry is still waiting for an epoch-making technology, this technology may break the boundaries of business, the major manufacturers of smart products to provide a link between the media, before that, companies only give more patience and hard work, the product Do a good job, forming its own brand, waiting for the arrival of the day the industry reform.

TOTO on display at the Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show "ultra-thin faucet"

The data show that the proportion of hardcover homes in major cities in the country has been rising year by year, accounting for 45% and 55% of the hardcover houses in Beijing and Shanghai respectively, and over 70% in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. First-tier cities, "80" and "90" after the proportion of personalized home improvement at an annual rate of 15%, these consumer groups to high-end consumer groups. How to meet the individualized growth needs has become a hot topic in the industry.

From the industry product situation, "minimalist" may be a major aspect of 2017, how to simplify, how to cut the product "manual", how to shape through the shape to create "simple" life products. From the product point of view, companies try to focus on intelligent components to a component in order to achieve "simplified" operation, such as Enshi a key operation design (a button to complete the flushing, heating and other complex processes), from the modeling Point of view, "minimalist" thin is a major trend this year, TOTO exhibition in Frankfurt in early March on display ultra-thin faucet, leading the main control in only about 1 cm, the overall product technology, the details of the industry leader (In the product under the premise of ultra-thin, faucet with up to 6 kinds of water for users to use), with the "ultra-thin" process advances, ultra-thin wash basins, thin toilet lid have followed suit, industry Unit "thin to extreme" cyclone.

At the same time, some manufacturers started to customize the design of the product's appearance and color to cope with diversified consumer demand. Hansgrohe introduced a variety of surface color faucet special custom color, function, print, personalized customization set all in one, all the work is only for the leader only. The musician is the "thin pottery" technology and modeling combined to design a variety of hand basins for consumers to choose. What is more, Seattle introduced a complete custom bath space solutions, according to the use of space, demand, preferences custom (free combination) bathroom space.

Multi-material selection is diversified

Today, more and more different types of materials are applied to the sanitary ware, such as stone, cuprous, stainless steel, composite materials. Relative to ceramic tile bathroom products, with more varieties and categories, such as the well-known toilet, metal pendants, faucets, bathroom cabinets, shower rooms, etc., which to some extent, give the bathroom products in the selection of diversification.

Green is the first choice. How to combine environmental protection and health to a great extent affects the material selection and innovation. People's pursuit of quality of life, green furniture products is undoubtedly the most basic protection, in line with contemporary consumer spending ideas and demands.

Meet the needs of future development. Wang Yongqi, president of Supor sanitary ware, said that the premise of future product material changes must be to reduce costs, use some new composite materials to replace the old materials, and with the environmental protection level for effective integration, and water quality standards.

"Humanity" concerns women and the elderly, makes the human care

The Report on the Prediction of Population Aging in China points out that it is estimated that the number of the elderly will reach 240 million by 2020, accounting for about 16% of the total population. However, behind such a huge forecast data, it is an urgent need to pay attention to the elderly population, how to design and provide users with real needs through product development and combination. In addition, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the health of themselves and their families with the improvement of living standard and their concern for their own health.

How to promote the development in this field, we may be able to learn from foreign countries with higher development level. For example, Japan, as the country with the highest degree of aging in the world, divides home care, bathing and acting for the elderly in product design up to 17 A classification to the bathtub, for example, open-style bathtub, as early as a few years ago in Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries put forward, but only in the country to promote, learn from others, may find a new growth point in the future.

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