International Copper Association President Zhou Sheng: China's Copper Demand Will Continue To Grow

- Sep 17, 2017 -

September 16, the International Copper Association of China President Zhou Sheng in the "Seventh China Nonferrous Metals Spot Futures Interactive Summit" said that the future of China's copper demand will continue in a reasonable range to maintain a certain rate of growth.

Data show that in 2016 China's copper demand reached 12.6 million tons, including refined copper and recycled copper. China's copper demand in 2016 accounted for 46% of the world, ranking first in the world.

From the copper field, the construction industry for copper's largest end consumer market, accounting for 22%. 2016 domestic construction industry demand for copper is about 2.8 million tons, of which more than 80% for power cables and equipment. The rest of the terminal industry, respectively, infrastructure, transportation, industrial, air conditioning and refrigeration, electronic information.

According to the International Copper Association predicted that the new urbanization, power grid investment, new energy power generation, new energy vehicles and other factors in the construction, power, transportation and other traditional areas of pulling a new round of copper demand growth.

At the same time, "Made in China 2025" will promote China's industrial and manufacturing industry chain gradually extended to efficient products, including industrial motors and distribution transformers. In addition, copper cages such as mariculture and other new applications will open up new market opportunities for copper.

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