Installation Method Of Spring-type Basin Sewer

- Jul 11, 2017 -

1, the basin will be removed from the packaging;

2, the bottom of the basin under the fixed parts and flange removed;

3. Take up the basin and take out the flange of the basin sink.

4. Fasten the flange of the basin sink to the basin;

5. The flange of the basin sink is fastened tightly, the basin is put flat on the countertop, and the mouth of the water inlet is on the good table;

6, in the basin of the appropriate position winding on the raw material belt, to prevent water seepage;

7. Put the basin water into the mouth of the basin;

8. Put the basin water into the mouth of the basin;

9, the basin of the cage to take out the device, screwed on the water;

10. Use a spanner to fasten the basin.

11, in the basin in the water test, see whether there is water leakage phenomenon, if there is a need to check, to find out the cause after treatment, if there is no leakage or seepage phenomenon, the installation end.

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