How To Install The Basin Water Cooler

- Jul 11, 2017 -

Many years of decoration owners have a experience, in the wash basin after long use, easy to appear dirt attached to the basin water, water product in the wash basin is not going to the phenomenon, in fact, this is because the sewer did not clean up, this highlights a problem, in the purchase of water basin water must be easy to buy when cleaning, otherwise it is easy to appear basin water situation. So how to install the basin water sink? Let's take a look at it.

Basin Sewer Installation Steps:

First, take out the sewer.

Second, remove the fixed parts of the bottom of the sewer and the flange.

Take up the basin and take out the flange of the sewer.

IV. Fasten the flange of the sewer to the basin.

V. After the flange is tightened, put the basin flat on the table and the mouth of the water inlet to the good table.

Six, in the appropriate position of the sewer winding on the raw material belt, to prevent water seepage.

Seven, put the sewer on the water inlet of the basin.

Eight, put the water into the water inlet of the basin.

Nine, put the water into the basin of the mouth to put flat.

Take out the retainer of the sewer and twist it on the sewer.

Use a spanner to fasten the sewer.

12, the water in the basin to test.

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