Full-decoration Trend Sanitary Ware Basin Waste Companies Forced To Find Their Way

- Mar 31, 2018 -

After entering the 21st century, science and technology and life are developing and improving at a rapid pace. Modern people have entered a new requirement for the texture of life. Nowadays, people's sense of belonging to the city is no different from that in the city of life. Roots have roots when they have a home.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, traditional long-lasting rough houses have been inundated for a long time due to numerous problems that cannot be overcome, such as serious waste of resources, environmental pollution, noise disturbance, inefficiency, and hidden dangers in construction safety. Does not meet the country's specific needs for improving consumer quality, but also can not meet the high requirements of consumer standards, people's requirements for the "home" is also getting higher and higher, can be seen from the recently heated full-furnished house. Fully furnished rooms have gradually become a major trend in the development of the residential industry.

For the fully-furnished rooms, you can hear that because there are already first-tier cities in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Qingdao that have successively issued regulations on the decoration of the property market. The Ministry of Construction’s Housing Industry Promotion Center stated that the national real estate market will eliminate rough houses within three to five years. At present, the Ministry of Construction is embarking on the development of standards and rules for the implementation of fully-fitted houses. The renovation of commercial housing is basically an international practice. The Chinese government has strongly promoted fully-furnished houses not only to join the “NT0” and to follow international standards, but also to achieve sustainable development, energy conservation, and environmental protection.

When referring to the decoration, it would have to be said that the sanitary ware basin waste, from some factors, the whole decoration room for sanitary ware basin waste market development is also a surprise.

As we all know, the former sanitary ware basin waste merchants are faced with individual customers, this one-on-one feature has become a habit, from the purchase of products for decoration are based on consumer preferences as the main, with the full renovation of the property market era On arrival, consumers will slowly change their choice of sanitary ware basin waste. From the original choice of independent sources, supervision and installation, and independent resolution of after-sales issues, developers are responsible for all procedures, and consumers can save a lot of heart.

The customers faced by sanitary ware basin waste companies have also changed from individuals to companies, which is undoubtedly a huge test for some “trivial”sanitary ware basin waste businesses. Real estate developers or decoration companies have indirectly accelerated the “success of tile ware market”. Slightly eliminated." Only for the change of consumer groups, the merchants on the tiled sanitary ware side have to change their marketing methods. From the previous consideration of the consumer groups themselves to the overall considerations, in the era of full decoration, the thinking is how to make the whole service Its satisfaction and peace of mind to safeguard the interests of such large customers. Once a good reputation has been established, the cooperation between the two parties will be maintained in the long term. This is a good supervision for both parties.

With the development of full decoration, there will be more than one or two surprises in the sanitary ware basin waste market in the future.

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