Floor Drain Material And Material Characteristics

- Sep 19, 2017 -

  1. Engineering plastics: engineering widely used, cheap price.

  2. Cast iron: cheap price, easy to rust, unsightly, rusty after hanging sticky dirt, difficult to clean up;

  3. PVC: cheap price, easily influenced by temperature deformation, resistance to scratching and impact resistance is poor, unsightly;

  4. Zinc alloy: cheap price, easy to corrosion;

  5. Ceramics: cheap price, corrosion-resistant, poor impact resistance;

  6. Cast aluminum: mid-range price, lightweight, relatively rough;

  7. Stainless steel: affordable, beautiful and durable;

  8. Copper alloy: affordable, practical type;

  9. Brass: high quality, high grade, high price, the surface can do plating treatment.

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