2018 MCE, Milan, Italy - International Biennale Focusing On Humanized Technology

- Mar 13, 2018 -

Exhibition time: 2018-03-13 to 2018-03-16

Exhibition location: Milan International Exhibition Center Rho New Exhibition Hall

Range of exhibition:

Refrigeration (air conditioning, ventilation, commercial and industrial refrigeration);

Heating (heating equipment, parts, tools - appliances);

Energy (optoelectronics - solar energy - thermoelectricity, bioenergy - symbiotic energy, insulation).

Exhibition Introduction:

MEC's full name is Mostra Convegno Expocomfort and is held every two years in Milan, Italy. Founded in 1960, MCE has been keeping abreast of market development for more than 40 years, continuously creating the best platform for technology, cultural and policy exchanges for industry players, and maintaining its leading position in the industry. Although the economy in Europe is still sluggish and the signs of economic recovery are not obvious, MCE reaffirmed its leading position in the heating, refrigeration and sanitary ware industries with a record-breaking number of 2,000 exhibitors and 156,000 professional visitors. The impressive achievements of MCE2014 proved the international nature of the fair: Over 43% of exhibitors came from overseas, and the number of international professional visitors exceeded 3% in 2012. Over the years, MCE has always maintained a rich and distinctive theme. In 2014, there were 2,138 exhibitors from 54 countries, including well-known companies from all over the world. The audience was even closer to 160,000 and the exhibition area was 325,000 square meters. Massimiliano Pierini, MCE exhibitor director, said: “MCE is committed to creating an ideal environment for aggregating international supply and demand. As the leading international exhibition platform, our main goal is to help participating companies efficiently and effectively develop their outstanding products and services before and during the show. Contact, while creating a great opportunity for all businesses to meet and compare.

Statistics show that MCE viewers mainly come from the fields of installation design, systems engineering, architectural decoration, wholesale and retail, bulk distribution, import and export, etc., and have high decision-making power and purchasing power. 90% of professional visitors believe that the exhibition is particularly important to them. The proportion of visitors who can make purchase decisions at the show is even more than 75%. Many viewers expressed that they are very willing to complete the procurement plan through MCE. This method saves a lot of procurement time and costs, and can relatively easily grasp the latest trend products and technologies in the industry. Compared with the degree of satisfaction of the audience, nearly 80% of the procurement ratio is full of extremes for exhibitors. The MCE theme exhibition areas will try their best to promote various new products, new technologies and advanced service projects. Exhibitors can make zero-distance contact with domestic and foreign counterparts at the exhibition, with exhibitors, installation technicians, sellers, manufacturers, and engineering design. Architects, architects, and appearance designers build extensive connections. The booth area of Chinese exhibitors is 2,566 square meters. Similar to previous exhibitions, exhibitors mainly come from Zhejiang, Guangdong and other provinces. Special brands such as Fischer, Supor, Suntory, Aifeiling, and Anjie Sanitary Ware were led by the company's main leaders to communicate with customers on the spot. They not only brought the latest independent brand products to the European market, but also With exquisite booth designs, the cultural connotations of companies and brands are displayed.

Exhibition Features:

MCE is an exhibition that integrates the production and distribution of the heating industry and piping throughout the world.

MCE provides many detailed conclusion reports on technical and industry issues, organizes a series of conference activities for exhibitors and professionals, and provides opportunities for participation;

Allows exhibitors to easily master the latest trend products and technologies in the industry.

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