2018 Bathroom Industry Hot Words: Cross-border

- Feb 01, 2018 -

At present, the sanitary market in China is not only facing the market cooperation only domestic bath companies, but also envelop foreign bath companies. Recently, there are industry aids pointed out that sanitary ware business coverage of the scope from the industry to the internal long. If you want to win the business bathroom to break through the market, it is necessary to combine the strength of related assets to form a "umbrella" to a strong own strength.

Bathroom industry cross-border common practice

In cross-border commonwealth is indeed the moment, the numerous brands have performed in the arena of "cross-border" drama, bathroom industry such as Wrigley, Zhongyu and so on. Bathroom industry will show how to carry out the situation, not a single business have the final say, but was a big condition, the industry aide said that in the sanitary property under the condition of good operation, the test can test other areas of investment. More than just the bathroom industry, to carry out such things can be said to carry out the inevitability of things, the bathroom body enough big enough to accommodate more projects in the future, is bound to think about diversification.

Bathroom cross-border production profit growth point

Through the cross-border extension of the product line to carry out diversified approach, not only for the bathroom brand to bring more profit growth point, from the operating point of view, cross-industry integration not only to separate the business risk of the business, but also to the necessary level To avoid the future market turmoil in an industry, to bring tremendous impact and loss to businesses, but also to increase profit growth point; other, but also for consumers to provide more fair and optimized home treatment plan, from the product point of view , Cross-sectoral integration, the ambitious product cluster not only to meet the needs of consumers, but also for businesses to extract more customer capital.

Bathroom cross-border demand into the out

The bathroom industry is still showing a cross-border situation and enterprises continue to seek the progress of output value and the expansion of market profits are inseparable from the demand. However, want to complete the victory is not trivial cross-border development, sanitary ware companies in the design, consumption, sales, installation, customer service, marketing, and many other aspects of preparation. In addition, in recent years, cooperation with the changing industries in the market has gone from a low-level cooperation in terms of how much product it produces to a composite cooperation level consisting of brands, collection, service, talent, management and scope. In the fierce cooperation in the situation, the bathroom is still doing business expertise is bigger, the demand into account.

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