What is the classification of basin drain?

- Dec 28, 2017 -

After getting up every morning, we should all do the grooming so that we can have a good image of ourselves to go out. Bathing, of course, can not leave without basin. Then when choosing the basin, most consumers will choose a stylish and exquisite basin, come as a decoration, thus ignoring the choice of basin drain, choose a suitable basin drain to match the basin is also very particular about.

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The classification of basin drain


Basin drain pipes are based on material classification


1. Plastic basin drain pipe: This type of sewer pipe is usually made of high-quality PP plastic. It is free to bend, has good toughness, has almost no space constraints, and is cheap.


2. SS basin drain pipe: Stainless steel is the appearance, in fact, most of these sewer pipes are made of stainless steel and ABS engineering plastics, with strong corrosion resistance, not easy aging, easy installation, fastening durability, long life and other characteristics, the price is slightly more expensive than the plastic basin drain pipe.


Basin drain pipes are based on shape classification


1. Straight basin water drain pipe: Straight basin water drain pipes are used "a" shape design and manufacture, most of the surface corrugated design, so that you can bend as you want, reducing the constraints of space.


2. S-shaped basin drain pipe: This basin water drain pipe is commonly known as anti-odor sewer, the shape is more beautiful, the same water ripple design, compared with the straight pipe, S-shaped pipe's bendability can be ignored.


Classified by type:


There are several types of basin drain, the first is the pull-type, and later there are flip-type and pop up-type, etc. In general, these basin drains with a long time if not cleared up, due to the dirt deposition and adhesion, mechanical properties are not very good with. Old-fashioned pull-type basin drains now are not commonly used, and now choose the kind of basin drain can be taken out of the entire inner core, after cleaning and put it back, it is easy to clean up.


Pop up-style basin drain hole looks very nice, but after using for a period of time, we need to unscrew the basin drain, use detergent to scrub and clean the dirt above, so as to ensure smooth water sewer popular. This basin drain hole has a disadvantage, this basin drain hole has a disadvantage, this ceramic basin drain hole is not easy to find, are usually glass basin drain hole, ceramic outlet is below the pipe with a drain port, and some suppliers hit a hole in the glass outlet, sent as a ceramic basin to sell. This modified glass basin drain hole and pipe to be more shorter, if a ceramic basin is a little thicker may lead the following nut can’t screw on, it can only be screwed on with a hexagonal nut, but after installed it is not strong, easy to loose, so it is better not to choose this basin drain hole.

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