What is the angle valve?

- Dec 30, 2017 -

What is the angle valve?


Angle valve is the angle stop valve, is similar to ball valve, which its structure and characteristics are modified from the ball valve. The difference with the ball valve is that the angle valve outlet and inlet into a 90 degree right angle. Usually faucet inlet pipe interface is the wire nut, the wall outlet within the wire connectorwhich is required angle valve connected to the conversion. Angle valve is the components to stand the pressure of water, if necessary, can be promptly closed. It helps to the installation and adjustment of faucet and the repair work of faucet, you do not need to turn off the main water valve, and it will not affect elsewhere.


The application of angle valve


Angle valve is mainly suitable for heating pipes, it's usually embedded in the wall, which is a connection point to connect the hose of faucet and the wall. For example, bathroom faucets are generally alternating hot and cold water, and we will pull down from the tap two hoses, and then connected to the wall, embedded in the wall that interface is the angle valve. Therefore, the fundamental difference between the angle valve and the ball valve is the angle valve's outlet and inlet at a 90 degree angle.


The role of angle valve


The role of angle valve is mainly in the water pressure instability or water pressure under the conditions of large pressure to control it, to prevent the water inside the toilet due to excessive pressure caused by burst, seal ring damage lead to water leakage. Also for the convenience of future maintenance and replacement of hoses.


The classification of angle valve


Angle valve is divided into civilian and industrial use. Angle valve, as known as triangle valve, angular valve, angle water valve. This is because the pipe at the corner of the valve into a 90-degree corner shape, so called angle valve, angular valve, angle water valve. Angle valve body has a water inlet, water control port, water outlet three ports, so it is called the triangular valve. Of course, the angle valve is constantly improving, although it is still three ports, but there are some angle valves also do not have angular. The meaning of industrial angle valve: angle valve body at right angles, other structures and through the single-seat control valve similar.

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