What Floor drain's material is good, what floor drain does most people use?

- Jan 20, 2018 -

Now the renovation bathroom and kitchen need to floor drain, floor drain can be said to be very important parts, with the increasing demand, to drain the brand also showed a flourishing situation. In fact, one of the largest role of leakage in addition to launching, there is a role that is deodorant function. Here I put a variety of materials to talk about it!

1.All copper chrome floor drain: the most on the market today is the whole copper chrome floor drain, copper chrome floor drain coating thick, so even if the use of a long time, long patina, but cleaning is still relatively easy. Copper chrome floor drain life of at least 6 years can be used, the performance is relatively good, so gradually occupy the market growing market share.

2.Copper floor drain: Copper floor drain and copper chrome floor drain performance only for at least 6 years. The same is different from the chrome layer, the surface of the copper drain chrome layer thinner than the copper chrome floor drain easier to rust.

3.Stainless steel floor drain: Although the appearance of stainless steel floor drain beautiful, good deodorant effect, long service life, but the cost of stainless steel floor drain and PVC floor drain is relatively high, the coating is relatively thin, so few rusty, and stainless steel floor drain and Tiles together look good.

4.PVC floor drain: PVC floor drain cheaper prices, deodorant effect is good, but easy to aging, the material is relatively brittle, in the cold north, will not be replaced soon enough, so the market is not very optimistic.

5.Zinc alloy floor drain: Although the corrosion resistance strong, cheap, but very short life, I advice  you not to buy it. 

6.Ceramic materials, environmental protection floor drain: good performance, of course, do not match with the tile floor of course, but most of the current custom products, the price is expensive.

Floor drains have what material, the above also wrote a lot. Copper chrome floor drain, copper floor drain, stainless steel floor drain, PVC floor drain, zinc alloy floor drain, ceramic floor drain materials. What other people want the material I really do not know, my home and my friends' home use copper chrome floor drain.

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