What are the major trends in the sanitary ware industry in the next few years?

- Apr 14, 2018 -

Hardcover room is a trend of real estate development in the future, a large number of hardcover rooms into the market, showing that many developers and home buyers are more confined to the hardcover room. The refined decoration is just a product in the development process of the entire housing industry, and it will eventually develop into a full-scale renovation. This major trend will surely come and face the challenging real estate hardcover housing project as a sanitary ware industry in the downstream industry.

Hardcover room is a trend of real estate development in the future, a large number of hardcover rooms into the market, showing that many developers and home buyers are more confined to the hardcover room. The refined decoration is only a product in the development process of the entire housing industry. It will eventually develop into a full-scale renovation. This major trend will surely come. In the face of the tough real estate housing project, as the downstream industry's sanitary ware industry, it will be faced with A cup of embarrassing dilemma. With the constant changes in consumer demand, hardcover rooms have become more and more popular. However, with the increasing popularity of hardcover rooms, problems such as hardcover quality and construction continue to emerge. How should the sanitary ware industry better meet the advent of the hardcover era?

Home improvement companies coexist with business opportunities

Home decoration industry sources said that few hardcover real estate properties will find home improvement companies to decorate, but home improvement companies are more professional after all in terms of home decoration. The higher requirements of owners for hardcover houses also bring business opportunities for home improvement companies.

For villas or large units with very high personalization requirements and large quantities of works, the acceptance of finely furnished rooms is not so high. In addition, some of the smaller home improvement companies can only continue to broaden their previously neglected markets without having the hard-boiled room cake.

Fine decoration "industry chain" is the trend

The refined decoration trend has enabled the entire industrial chain to begin to have a clear understanding of industrialization. More and more building materials manufacturers are soberly aware that the use of the country to promote the industrialization of housing is an opportune time for its own production and sales. Real estate tightly linked together to jointly promote the industrialization of refined decoration is the trend of the entire industry, it will also become the direction of the bathroom industry. At present, this kind of single-mode fine decoration is the most important part of the housing industrialization chain. Because it relates to customer experience, cost control, and process quality, fine decoration must be standardized, but it must also be diversified. This is an industrial strategy. This will tie in with the transformation of the entire residential market.

From the perspective of development, hardcover rooms may be the trend of development, but the uniform decoration of housing enterprises cannot meet the changing needs of the owners. Therefore, the current difficulties of home improvement companies must be temporary, and the solution is to change the extensive business model in the past to fine management.

What are the major trends in the sanitary ware industry in the future?

First, the industry reintegration is imperative

Extensive development has become a deadly factor in the sanitary and other home building materials industry, and industry consolidation is imperative. In the course of a long period of marketization, more and more companies have gradually withdrawn from the industry due to their operating and development reasons. The industry-scale enterprises have more market space at this time. Re-integrating and defining the pattern of the industry and realizing the healthy development of the industry have become the focus of 2016 and even some time in the future.

Second, just need to become mainstream consumer of the market

The golden age of real estate has passed. Under the new real estate market pattern, it is just the most important factor that drives the sanitary ware industry. In the just-needed era, the decoration of consumers has become even more critical. From the first housing renovation to the improved decoration, these will become the major consumer markets in 2018.

Third, Internet home improvement forced industry reform

In the context of the Internet+, more and more decoration businesses have been inspired. The decoration company represented by millet home improvement is using the Internet's thinking to change the traditional industry development pattern. In this context, sanitary ware companies must adapt to new markets and new consumer spending habits, use the Internet's vision to examine and change the industry.

Fourth, The era of capital integration is approaching

In the face of the big cake in the sanitary ware industry, more and more capitalized predators began to examine and enter this industry. At the same time, the operation of the capitalized operation of sanitary ware companies is also accelerating. With the help of capital, the company will become bigger and stronger quickly, and it has become a common consensus in the home building materials industry such as sanitary ware.

Fifth, Steady development of the overall sanitary market

Under the concept of the overall home, more and more companies have begun to enter the overall home industry. As a brand-new business portfolio, many companies gradually become familiar with strangers. There are also many consumers who are beginning to become familiar with and accept this business model. In such a market, the overall bathroom will move toward a fast lane. In 2016, the overall sanitary market will be well developed.

Sixth, Sales of service-driven products

In the bathroom industry where the product is highly homogenized, service is a good entry point to differentiate between the business and the company. In 2017, as the demand for Internet offline services increases, more and more companies will pay attention to the introduction of services and use service-driven product sales. The model of traditional product-driven services will be completely transformed into the sales model of service-driven products.

Seventh, E-commerce companies began to layout offline

The myth of e-commerce will gradually fade away. With the value of service as the demand point of the sanitary ware industry, more and more companies will begin to examine their e-commerce development strategies. While e-commerce spending tends to be rational, more companies have begun to use the Internet to import offline customers and maximize the role of the Internet in attracting customers. At the same time, consumer demand for product experience has also forced e-commerce startups to start offline layouts.

Eighth, Personalized business usher in development opportunities

With the increase in consumer demand after the 80s and 90s, the diversification and individualization of consumers have become the mainstream of the market. More and more consumers are beginning to like personalized products, and the focus on products has shifted from quality, environmental protection, and other factors to personalized products. This is an excellent development opportunity for many companies that are focused on personalization.

Nineth, Dealers into a trend of refined management

The days of dealers have been really bad in recent years. Under the impact of the market, many dealers have been tortured by the market. Under the traditional extensive mode, dealers' survival depends on the days (market) to eat, not too much. More business development ideas. In 2016, the decent management of dealers will become the main growth mode in the future, and a lot of energy will be invested in storefronts, operations, teams, and markets. Only in this way can we make our business bigger and longer. 

Tenth, Promotional activities tend to be more rational

In the shadow of the non-promoting industry, promotion seems to have become the only factor driving the development of the industry. However, as consumers mature, traditional promotion methods have failed to activate consumers' purchasing enthusiasm, and the rationalization of promotional activities has once again been stimulated. Sanitary companies in the promotional activities, we must more rational treatment of changes in the market and consumers in order to promote their own career development.

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