What are the benefits of airtight floor drain?

- May 24, 2018 -

Prevent odor

When using a floor drain, everyone will choose a floor drain with a closed function. Not only is its appearance more beautiful, but also can prevent bathroom odor after use, due to the use of a spring inside, it can play a good effect, after installation, can be used to help the closed floor drain by the action of the spring Returning to its original position can prevent odors. And when it is used, it is also more convenient, so that he will use it for a long time, and will not be affected by any. No oxidation reaction will occur either. Closed floor drains are suitable for use in many homes and can be well received. In addition, the use rate is relatively high in some large public places.

Strong anti-corrosion

Because it is made of metal materials, it has antibacterial effect, does not produce bacteria, can be durable, strong stability, and more environmentally friendly. The product is equipped with metal materials when used, so it is solid after use, no corrosion will occur, and there will be no acid-alkaline fusion and no bacteria. Therefore, his anti-corrosion function is also very optimistic about people, in many floor drains, closed floor drain is the first choice for people.

Closed well

Because this kind of floor drain has more functions, especially its sealing effect is very good, there will be a sealing mat at the bottom, so it can be tightly closed around, and there will be no room for bathroom deodorant. . Therefore, his closure effect is very strict. Many people will feel very good after using it, and they can be homed with the help of a magnet. So this unique use can attract more people's eyes. In many occasions, closed floor drains are used. It can be seen that its effect is very satisfactory.

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