Washing machine floor drain

- Jan 20, 2018 -

Washing machine floor drain characteristics

Washing machine floor drain characteristics: To the middle of the floor drain connected to the washing machine drain through a special connection, around to receive drainage.

Washing machine floor drain selection washing machine

Floor drain water seal floor drain manor gas leak are two, for the washing machine floor drain, the drainage must choose straight manor gas leak, because the moment of displacement washing machine is very large, this type of floor drain to ensure the greatest degree of drainage. Specific options include:

1.The choice of floor drain to the washing machine should use a dedicated floor drain, washing machine floor drain in the ordinary drain to the center of a more removable cover, the drain can be inserted directly into the washing machine, it will not affect the product on the ground Water discharge.

2.Choose floor drain to see the material

Now the market generally have cast iron, PVC, zinc alloy, ceramic, cast aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper alloy and other materials. Stainless steel and copper alloy floor drain which is moderate in price, beautiful, durable; brass floor drain in all aspects of the most outstanding performance.

3.Choose floor drain to see the speed of water

Floor drain in the space, and the flow of water without obstacles to the floor drain fast, the purchase can be discretionary.

4.Selection of the washing machine floor drain sleeve

Washing machine to drain casing with a single tube and double pipe, washing machine can drain directly to the floor drain. Three links - double pipe is to achieve two washing machines, or washing machines and mop drainage, single pipe is a washing machine.

Washing machine floor drain installation washing machine floor drain installation

First: trimming drainage holes reserved to make it completely consistent with the purchase of floor drain, because the real estate developers in the delivery of drainage holes when reserving holes are relatively large. Floor drain shuttlecock opening aperture should be controlled between 6-8mm, to prevent the hair, sludge, sand and other dirt into.

Second: The floor drain in a bathroom should always be in the lowest position, with a slope of 1 to 2 degrees from the highest position, allowing less water to drain into the floor drain.

Washing machine floor drain common troubleshooting washing machine

Fault 1, washing machine floor drain drain overflow

Drain drain washing machine floor drain is due to the drain drain pipe cross-sectional area is too small and caused by the drainage curve is too slow drainage, the general is the deep water seal floor drain and ramp baffle to have this phenomenon, the replacement of special deodorant drain washing machine can .

Fault 2, washing machine drain to remove the floor drain cover or insert the floor drain in the middle of the hole, it will return the smell

This is because the shallow water seal to drain no real anti-odor core caused by the use of washing machine dedicated anti-odor core floor drain, not only deodorant function will not be affected, not to remove the floor drain cover, very convenient.

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